The Hawn Foundation and Scholastic Launch MindUP Program Creating Optimistic Classrooms

January 22, 2011, NEW YORK CITY — America’s educational publishing giant Scholastic, Inc. joined forces with actress and children’s advocate Goldie Hawn of the Hawn Foundation to introduce the first in a series of textbooks that will help teachers and students everywhere benefit from “MindUP™,” a one-of-a-kind “Social and Emotional Learning” program.

Scholastic chose to partner with the Hawn Foundation largely because of the MindUP program’s unusually broad appeal and effectiveness — assets that stem, in part, from the unmatched degree to which MindUP students are taught to consciously and consistently leverage their own brain’s extraordinary capacities. MindUP does this by incorporating easily-understood brain science in each of its 15 comprehensive lessons. This assures that as children are engaged in their assigned subjects – history, arithmetic, language arts, etc. – they’re also – simultaneously – discovering how their learning is influenced by their own thoughts, emotions and actions.

MindUP™ improves individual student learning and wellbeing in and out of school by helping them develop self-awareness, respect for their peers, and engagement with the world – all of which helps them grow into better citizens who are more skilled in the constructive management of stress in pressure-filled environments.

After Friday evening’s joint Scholastic + Hawn Foundation announcement, more than 75 K-8 educators from classrooms around the world attended an all-weekend “Teacher Training” seminar teaching them how to use the new MindUP books when they incorporate the MindUP program into their existing curricula. The gathering represented the Hawn Foundation’s first large regional MindUP teacher training institute and workshop.
Award winning actress and visionary Goldie Hawn, who addressed the gathering live via Skype from London, said, “Having launched this movement more than eight years ago, it is so gratifying to witness the culmination of our partnership with Scholastic, which helped to make possible my dream of the optimistic classroom.”

Hawn Foundation has trained thousands of teachers who have reached over 25,000 children throughout North America and the UK. The Director of Educational Programs and Initiatives, said, “The main purpose of this weekend was to grown and train our consultant teacher training core and begin the dissemination of the MindUP program.”

MindUP™ is an evidence-based program committed to building a body of rigorous scientific research. With each new classroom that adopts the MindUP program, evidence supporting its effectiveness expands. Already, initial evaluations show a 25 percent improvement in attention and concentration, and significant improvement in social and emotional communication.

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For further information contact: The Hawn Foundaiton, Director of Educational Programs and Initiatives (424.253.4296).