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Parent to Parent: Taking the stress out of the school days (September 2013)
Goldie Hawn Takes Kate Hudson in Tennis (July 2013)
Mackay: Goldie Hawn inspires the next generation (May 2013)
Let’s make compassion part of the curriculum (April 2013)
Working a little mindfulness into your day could go a long way toward remedying a whole host of ills (March 2013)
THF Board Member Sir Ken Robinson’s interview on “Teach Your Children Well” (August 2012)
“Goldie Hawn on How MindUP Transforms Kids’ Ability to Learn”Genconnect Video (July 2012)
“Mindfulness Meditation Needs to be in Every School in America” Robert Piper, HuffPost (July 2012)
Dr. Marc A. Meyer on MindUP, sponsored by Scholastic Teacher Talks (June 2012)
MindUP Researcher Dr. Adele Diamond on Executive Functioning (June 2012)
Robert Piper on Mindfulness Meditation needs to be in Every School from the Huffington Post (June 2012)
Australian National Radio interview with Graham Watts of The Hawn Foundation UK (June 2012)
“Goldie Hawn helps Kids get Zen . . . and Smart” MSNBC Today (June 2012)
“Goldie Hawn on CBS This Morning” (April 2012)
“Surviving without Elite Status: Introducing Mindfulness to Kids used to Materialism and Competition,” from Space2live (April 2012)
Goldie Hawn Tours the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the University of Miami from Veritas (December 2011)
The Optimistic Goldie Hawn” from The San Francisco Chronicle (October 2011)
MindUP and Education, with Drs. Lindan Hill and Lori Desautels of Marian University, Indianapolis IN (October 2011)
60 Minutes Australia, “Happiness” with Goldie Hawn and Dan Buettner (October 2011)
Goldie Hawn on The Sean Hannity Show (September 2011)
Goldie Hawn on MSNBC’s Morning Joe (September 2011)
MindUP and Brain Science, Scientific American Online (September 2011)
Education Nation and The Human School (September 2011)
The Hawn Foundation’s Work in Newark, New Jersey fromSouthOrange Patch (September 2011)
Goldie Hawn on The Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC Radio (September 2011)
MindUP in Newark, New Jersey from WestWard Patch (September 2011)
ABC News on Goldie Hawn and The Hawn Foundation (September 2011)
Goldie Hawn on ABC’s Nightline (September 2011)
Goldie Hawn on Good Morning, America (September 2011)
Dr. Lloyd Sederer on MindUP in The Huffington Post (May 2011)
Education Panel at the Newark Peace Education Summit, with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King III, Mayor Cory A. Booker, Anzella Nelms, Pedro Noguera, Soledad O’Brian, and Goldie Hawn (May 2011)
Goldie Hawn’s Interview in The Huffington Post (April 2011)
Goldie Hawn on The Oprah Winfrey Show (January 2011)
CNN’s John Roberts Interview with Goldie Hawn (October 2010)
Dr. Daniel Siegel and Goldie Hawn at TEDMED (October 2009)
Giving TV and The Hawn Foundation (September 2009)
Goldie Hawn on Hardball with Chris Mathews (May 2009)

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MindUP Selected as SeLect Program by CASEL
“New Classrooms Can Change Children’s Brains,” Scientific American (August 2012)”
NPR’s On Point focuses on The Hawn Foundation and MindUP in “Reading, Writing, and Character”
THF Board Member Sir Ken Robinson’s latest interview–”Teach Your Children Well”
Sarah Jayne Blakemore’s TED Talk “The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain” (June 2012)”
Goldie Hawn on How MindUP Transforms Kids’ Ability to Learn
Watch the MindUP Video
“New News” from The Hawn Foundation
Scholastic “Teacher Talks” with Dr. Marc Meyer
Goldie Hawn Publishes 10 Mindful Minutes
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