MindUP™ = Results



Increased Happiness

2/3 of all students said MindUP™ made them happier.


Increased Inhibitory Response

78% of all students said MindUP™ helped them be more relaxed.



Improved Math Achievements

MindUP™ can be the difference between a pass or fail grade on standardized tests.


MindUP™ Aligns with Common Core

MindUP™ aligns with math & literacy Common Core State Standards.

Improved Social Behavior


Increased Social Interaction

90% of all students felt MindUP™ helped kids get along better.


Increased Empathy

64% of all 4th and 5th graders demonstrated increased empathy.


Increased Social Acceptance

56% of all students reported greater peer acceptance.



Increased Compassion

58% of children tried to help one another more often.


Improved Self-Concept

81% of children learned to make themselves happy.


Improved Optimism

82% of children reported that MindUP™ helped them to have a more positive outlook.

Executive Function


Improved Planning and Organization

75% of 3rd graders showed improved planning and organization skills.


Increased Emotional Control

Over 1/3 of 3rd graders demonstrated greater emotional control.


Increased inhibitory response

54% of 2nd and 3rd graders increased inhibitory response.

“Our school has begun MindUP™ this year and we are witnessing incredible results concerning behavior, attention, and overall confidence in our students.”

— Jevon Lewis, Principal
Children's First Academy, Arizona

“MindUP™ offers invaluable information and tools about mindfulness that are immediately applicable and easily adaptable for use with my kids, myself, and my husband within our home life.”

— Robyn Hubbard, Parent

“I really like doing the core practice because it helps me calm down and rethink what I am doing. It helps me get away from all the pandemonium in my mind and then I feel more refreshed and able to focus.”

— Ian, Grade 6
Schenectady, NY

“The MindUP™ program has not only changed me as a teacher, but has also had an amazing impact on my students. Imagine how wonderful it would be if students everywhere were given the opportunity to become brain experts!”

— Lori Nunn, Pre-K Teacher
Momentous Institute (formerly Salesmanship Club's Jonsson School)