MindUP Curriculum

In 15 comprehensive lessons, our curriculum scaffolds core academic programs, delivering a set of social, emotional and self-regulatory strategies and skills, developed for pre-K through middle school students.  Published by Scholastic, Inc., The MindUP™ Curriculum (2011) is available in both hard copy and e-book form.

The MindUP curriculum helps children:

  • Improve focus, concentration, and academic performance
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Handle peer-to-peer conflicts
  • Manage emotions and reactions
  • Develop greater empathy toward others
  • Choose optimism

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“The program is amazing!  I loved the activities included for self-awareness and the senses.  The kids were involved in lots of hands-on activities that would appeal to anyone.  The questions for discussions were really clear for teachers.  I like the step-by-step, easy to use setup of the program.” -Early Childhood Teacher