Teachers & School Leaders

Teachers who have used MindUP™ in their classrooms often report that they are as positively influenced by the MindUP™ curriculum as their students are. MindUP™ is not only a curriculum, but also a way of teaching and making dynamic instructional shifts, as a teacher required in Common Core and also The Marzano Framework.

Utilizing MindUP™ in the classroom allows teachers to:

  • Maintain focused attention in and out of the classroom
  • Form more accurate perceptions of students
  • Think more clearly and make more informed decisions, especially under pressure
  • Improve communication with staff, students, and parents
  • Improve the overall classroom climate and learning environment by infusing both with optimism and hope
  • Help to create a stronger, more vibrant school culture
  • Be happier, more joyful and grateful—a disposition that ultimately spills out of the classroom and into private life
  • Find greater job satisfaction

Through MindUP™, teachers can more easily manage the classroom, maintain an environment conducive to student learning, and find greater professional and personal fulfillment.