Children & Teens

It’s not always easy being a kid. Just like the adults in your life, you might worry about a lot things. You might be distracted by an upcoming sporting event, a class play, a spelling or math quiz, something you overheard in the hallway, or a fight with your best friend. Sometimes adult expectations and those of your friends can cloud your vision of who you really are. You are unique, an individual with your own emotions and thoughts. The good news is you can help yourself through these situations and feel better about yourself.

MindUP™ could help you to:

  • Learn how your brain reacts to emotions so you understand why you act and react the way you do
  • Focus your attention through mindful breathing so that you can calm yourself and make better decisions
  • Understand how your five senses—sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch/movement influences how and what you think and do
  • Consider the differences between pessimism and optimism and how the latter opens your mind to learning new things and increases your sense of self-worth
  • Learn to be a happier person
  • Approach real life problem-solving and critical thinking in ways that help you in and out of school
  • Appreciate other people by being able to “step into their shoes”
  • Develop compassion and empathy, which just might help you become more receptive to new ideas and react more positively in situations that might otherwise prove difficult for you
  • Learn the importance of generosity and social responsibility because although you are an individual you nevertheless live with other people in your home and go to school with hundreds of other kids
  • Act with kindness because your brain actually benefits from doing nice things for other people.