Learning Community

The Hawn Foundation offers a MindUP™ Learning Community to help support educators, schools, and organizations implementing the MindUP™ program. Stay tuned as the MindUP™ Learning Community becomes a digital portal with new content, resources, educator for educator best practice share, unique relational content and learning paths, dynamic training videos, exciting educator contributions, and implementation support ideas including lesson plans to successfully launch MindUP™!

The Hawn Foundation seeks to foster a dynamic community of teachers, school leaders, parents, children, young people, researchers, civic leaders, and others to exchange ideas, support one another, implement MindUP™ and work together to improve the quality of education in America. Our goal is to enhance the overall wellbeing of children and adult lives.


Unfortunately our online digital portal is currently only open to school educators implementing MindUP™ in schools via our school-wide implementation model. If you are interested in bringing
MindUP™ to your school or school district please email Josh Froberg, MindUP™ Program Coordinator, at mindupinquiries@thehawnfoundation.org.