Message from Goldie

Today like never before, our little ones are challenged with incredible amounts of stress and distractions, impeding learning and ultimately, impacting their ability to achieve success and happiness in life.

I have always been fascinated by the limitless potential of the brain and have seen first-hand the positive impact of “heart-mind centric” education for children and educators. Embarking on my own journey exploring neuroscience, positive psychology, mindful awareness training and it’s impact physically and emotionally on human beings, led me on a larger queGoldieHawnst, as a children’s advocate, to improve their overall state of well-being.

The Hawn Foundation and MindUP™, it’s signature program, is the result of 10 years of collaboration with neuroscientists, educators, psychologists and experts in the field of mindful awareness training who helped me create MindUP™. It is now my life’s work to see that it can continue to grow and bring children around the world the tools they need to survive and thrive.

I hope you will join us by becoming involved in our MindUP™ Community. It’s an investment in your future that is sure to bring you joy as you help create a better world for our children.

Keep your mind up…and your heart open!

With love,